Mosquito Magnet Reviews


Mosquito Magnet Reviews

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I’m sure you want to enjoy a great outdoor picnic with your family but those mosquitoes are ruining the perfect day. Or you probably in a situation where you invited some friends from work for a barbecue only to find out that there are lots of ‘uninvited’ guests already in the backyard!

I know how you feel, and you have found the solution to your mosquito problem! Yes, Mosquito Magnet is the revolutionary product that is guaranteed to trap and get rid of those pesky mosquitoes in you home, backyard and other places.

If you’re looking for the best deal on Mosquito Magnet or just want to read reviews from people who already purchased and are using it, then you have come to the right site. I also had mosquito problem here in my home so I did a lot of research online on the best product to help me get rid of these pesky pests.


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Below I’ve provided all the details you need to know in order for you to make an educated decision if the Mosquito Magnet is for your or not.

If you’re in a hurry and want to know where the best place to buy with the best deals, then visit Mosquito Magnet’s Official Website. In fact it’s not easy to find these local stores. Not all of them put stock in their inventory and online shopping usually is the best way to do it. Internet has no limitation.. aint that convenient?

Mosquito Magnet Reviews

If you are like me, the main reason you are probably looking for someway to eradicate all those mosquitoes is that you just want to spend a good afternoon outside your home sipping lemonade without worrying about those insects ruining that day. Or it could be that your neighbor has one and you are amazed on how great those things work and you want to have one yourself.

… you got kainis.. talk to the visitors.. why are they looking for mosquito magnet products? Check out this 2011, fresh and latest TV commercial of Mosquito Magnet.

Features, Functionality and How To Use


The most well known model of Mosquito Magnets are the Defender and the Liberty Model. The features and functionality of both models are basically the same except for the area of coverage each one can accommodate.

The Mosquito Magnet Liberty Model is the ‘big brother’ of the two. It can cover up to one (1) acre of space. This model is suitable for farms and places that have large area.

If you plan of using Mosquito Magnet in your own backyard or lawn or if you have a much smaller property, then you can get away with the Mosquito Magnet Defender Model. It has all the features and functionality that the Liberty model has except that it can cover half an acre.

Both of these models comes with a cord that you need to bury underground for safety reason. We don’t want the kids to trip on it or us adults :) . The great thing is, the Liberty Plus model do not have an electrical cord thus more portable but it do costs a little more.

All of these model are portable and should fit in the back seat of your car.

Here is how you usually set up a unit of Mosquito Magnet regardless of model:

The first thing to know is where to put your trap. Placement the most important thing to consider. You should take into consideration the flow or air. This is critical to your trap’s performance. Determine the direction of the wind so that you know where to place your mosquito magnet, that is, upwind. The breeze  helps to distribute carbon dioxide into the mosquito breeding grounds.

Breeding areas are usually where there is standing water and lots of bushes and trees. The Magnet should also be 30-40 feet away from people areas, and upwind of the breeding areas.

Customer Support

In every product that you intend to buy, you should always check if they offer after sale support. In the case of the manufacturer of Mosquito Magnets, there are recorded reports that their customer supports are so friendly.

Here is an example of one service request that was filed. A customer reviewred that their unit was pulled out for repair and within 2 days, the unit was ready. The unit looked brand new or it could be brand new. But they said that the unit was cleaned and put in  in new bags and boxes but they did not charge anything extra. They only charged to the parts that they really need to replaced.

This is the best place where you can read the great features of the Mosquito Magnet product. We are currently contacting the management of the company and will update this site once we get a review copy of the product.

We decided to create this review website for you because we have a strong feeling, based on the reviews that actual users of the product, this stuff works.

Negatives and Down Sides

It does not come with a propane tank or CO2 cartridge.

How To Attach the Mosquito Attractants - Shop Now!


Where To Buy Mosquito Magnets?

You can buy them on your local retail store or more conveniently, online by clicking here (FREE SHIPPING!)

We will be bringing you great content and stories all about our favorite pest (NOT) in the coming days. In the meantime, please feel free to browse around and read on some great articles on how to get rid of mosquitoes.

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